Who Are We...

Breaking Cycles Counseling PLLC was formed during the pandemic after recognizing the extreme need for mental health therapy services to the underserve. Breaking unhealthy negative cycles to heal oneself and others, which in turn restores the community, is the goal. There are several underserved individuals and populations who do not receive the best and appropriate treatment due to lack of resources, unaffordable services, or lack of empathy from the professionals. Breaking Cycles Counseling is committed to the uniqueness of each person to provide quality mental health therapy services while making it accessible. Insurance, self pay, sliding scales, and even payment plans are an optional. Come meet with us where a safe and non-judgmental space is furnished for all to break those unhealthy cycles that hinders your personal growth. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Breaking Cycles Counseling PLLC

Phone: (336) 252-2711
Fax: (336) 252-3716
1912 Eastchester Drive
Ste 202-A
High Point, NC 27265