About Breaking Cycles Counseling PLLC

Mission Statement

To improve satisfactory of life to many underserved populations with therapy services by breaking unhealthy cycles and patterns that impacts one’s mental being, others, and the community.


Our vision is to serve those whose lives have been interfered by mental illness and/or unfavorable behaviors by demonstrating the power of breaking unhealthy cycles within self, family, others, and the community through education, thought training, and skill building.

About the Therapists

Candice B. Dixon, LCMHC-S, CSOTP, C-PD

Owner and CEO

Sometimes this world is not the easiest place to live as we do not have control over every circumstance. We do, however, have control over how we respond to life situations we encounter. As humans, controlling our behaviors, our thoughts, our feelings can be a struggle at times. Therapy is a safe place to process, to learn, to grow so that we can react more effectively to life circumstances and to gain more control.

Candice has worked in the mental health field for over 16 years with 10 years providing therapy services with adults, adolescents, and children with a mental illness, behavioral issues, substance abuse, and with developmental delays.  Candice finds joy working with individuals, couples, and families who may battle with all levels of trauma including abuse and grief; anxiety; anger; severe mental illness including personality disorders, bipolar disorder, psychosis; depression, child and adolescent behavioral issues.  Candice holds a special interest with those who suffers from a severe mental illness and the sexual offender population that led to her certification as a sexual offender treatment provider and personality disorder treatment provider.  Candice considers these populations underserved as there are limited resources and effective treatment that are often not attainable.  

As an eclectic therapist, the theoretical approach applied varies as each person and situation is unique. Candice approaches each individual from a non-judgmental perspective provided with empathy, challenge, humor, and guidance.  Candice believes any person has the ability to manage mental health issues and break unhealthy cycles that reinforces the silence of mental health existence and needs.  Breaking Cycles Counseling PLLC will provide the space and opportunity for each individual to find their voice and break unhealthy cycles that hinders their personal growth. 


Erin Joyner

Clinical Intern Therapist

Erin Joyner is a Masters Level Student at Northwestern University and is thrilled to be continuing her clinical work with clients. She would like to, ultimately, specialize in trauma, chronic pain and illness, and those living with disability. However, she will happily provide services for a broad spectrum of needs for individual adults, teens, couples, and families, via telehealth only. She considers herself to have a psychodynamic and existentialist theoretical orientation, but in practice, she believes in using any tool she has in service of clients. “If I have the big box of crayons, why would I only use a handful of colors?” Erin always aim to help people by meeting them where they are, being flexible in terms of interventions, and always keep her focus on the client.

Emonie R pic

Emonie Reviere, MA

Doctoral Clinical Intern Therapist

Emonie Reviere (she/her) is a Doctoral Student at UNCG. She identifies as a cisgender Black woman. She understands the importance of providing brave spaces for individuals to fully and freely express themselves. Emonie utilizes a combination of person-centered, relational cultural theory, intersectionality theory, and trauma-informed lens when working with clients. Everyones’ lived experiences are individual and original to them. Emonie believes interventions such as strengths-based, brief counseling, and Socratic questioning contribute to establishing a non-judgmental space where you can talk about the impact of your unique experiences. She has experience working with anxiety, depression, race-based trauma, trauma self-esteem concerns, and more. You have a voice and that you deserve to be heard.

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