What We Offer

Intake Assessment

The initial assessment to gather information that includes basic information, historical information of bio, medical, social, and mental well being. This information determines the best treatment options and goals.

Individual Therapy

One on one therapy sessions with a trained professional to work on common goals for a variety of mental health and behavioral issues with a the use of different types of therapies. Both in-person and telehealth are provided.

Couples Therapy

Therapy that includes marital or non-marital couples to resolve relational conflict and build healthy interpersonal and marital skills. This can also include pre-marital counseling. Both in-person and telehealth are provided.

Family Therapy

Psychotherapy that includes family members to resolve conflict and improve communication to build healthy relationships. Both in-person and telehealth are provided.

Psychosexual Assessments

Assessments completed by trained professionals that focuses on the psychological and sexual functioning of an individual to evaluate one's risk in re-offending sexually.

Group Therapy
(See Below)

Group psychotherapy to gain coping skills to manage mental health conditions and negative behaviors in a group setting. Groups are categorized based on issues to build cohesion.

Insurances Accepting